Brand Management Dashboard & Data Visualizations

A Boston-based data management solution-integration company needed support in creating a system to track and manage business performance for an international consumer goods company. We were engaged to help create a conceptual model for the system, and design several data-rich dashboards and visualizations.

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In building the reporting system, the client had expended a huge effort aggregating data from multiple data sources into a single data store. Although the resulting tabular reports functioned technically, they did not provide a manageable or effective user experience, and were difficult to navigate.


We were challenged with bringing a simple mental model to the reporting system that enabled brand performance discovery for managers and other decision-makers.

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Major focus areas:


  • Develop a user-friendly conceptual model
  • Visualize data to create actionable insights
Conceptual design
Data visualization
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Brand management dashboard overview
Brand management dashboard close up view


After working with the client to understand user roles and personas, we conducted decision-modeling workshops to analyze the business challenges each role was dealing with.

Some questions we asked:


  • How do users know when their business is performing well or not?
  • What questions would help them understand why performance is good or not?
  • What questions would users like to have answered, to ensure they have enough information to take appropriate actions?
Brand management dashboard

After synthesizing information from the workshops, we proceeded with an iterative design process, reviewing frequently with the business teams, and working closely with the developers to evaluate technical feasibility and ease-of-implementation.

Brand management dashboard closeup view

Our design nested individual brand performance details within a big-picture view


By focusing our efforts on key business questions, we were able to help our client boil down a large volume of data to a handful of actionable perspectives on the information for their users. Our design nested individual brand performance details within a big-picture view, making it easy for managers to uncover reasons why certain sectors or brands were performing better or worse than others, without losing sight of their portfolio’s overall performance.