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DVUX Workshop Comes to Barcelona

DVUX is a hands-on workshop that combines the principles of data visualization with user experience design. Participants of the DVUX Workshop learn about how to make data actionable, intuitive and visually engaging.

We will describe the fundamentals of ‘how we see’ and ‘how we understand’ graphical information through seven principles. The course will combine theory, techniques, and in-class exercises to help participants conceptualize and devise visualizations based on user-oriented objectives.

The wealth of available data offers tremendous opportunities for discovery and the DVUX one-day course will empower you with knowledge and techniques to create the most effective data experiences possible.

This workshop is open to people with all technical abilities. Participants are welcome to bring laptop computers but these are not required (all activities will be conducted with pen and pencil).

Speakers include: Mark Schindler (, Bang Wong (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard), and special guest speaker Alberto Gonzalez (Bestiario).

Event date: Nov. 10, 2017 (full day session)

Location: ESADECREAPOLIS Sant Cugat

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