Key Account Management Dashboard

The sales team at a top-10 pharma company was having trouble accessing important information about their major customers. Managers decided to develop a centralized wiki to manage information about their key accounts. We were engaged to design a collaborative user-friendly experience that would enable field sales personnel to post information, be better informed and ultimately have more productive conversations with their key accounts.

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Sales teams working on major accounts did not have visibility into the work of their colleagues, despite working on the same accounts. Each person relied on their own information, even though they could have benefited from their colleagues’ insights and data available via reports and public sources.


Customers were dismayed that people on the same sales team did not appear to be well-coordinated with one another, resulting in missed opportunities. There was a strong need for collaboration and visibility across sales teams.

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Major focus areas:


  • Facilitating collaboration and communication between sales people
  • Providing an organized hierarchy of all key account data
  • Highlighting important news and key insights
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Key Account Management Dashboard
Key Account Management Dashboard


In order to create more informed sales teams, we needed to understand the typical day of a sales person and how they would use this information.

Questions that drove the designs included:


  • What data is valuable to them?
  • What is helpful to know when they call on accounts?
  • What are easy ways for them to share information with their colleagues?
  • How can we give them access to a lot of key information without overwhelming them?
Key Account Management Dashboard

From our discovery sessions we learned that the sales team members would benefit most from access to social information as well as third party data—patient population, geographical data, news and announcements.


It was also important to keep in mind what the technology could afford since this project utilized off-the-shelf technology to create the wiki platform.

Key Account Management Dashboard
Key Account Management Dashboard


We delivered high resolution designs that the client could use to develop the wiki. These designs equipped sales people with vital information and data on their key accounts that was shareable and framed in a meaningful context. We also designed mobile app concepts that created a convenient way for a sales person to digest the information they need while on the way to a customer meeting.

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Key deliverables:


  • High resolution dashboard mockups
  • Mobile app concepts
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Vital information and data on their key accounts is shareable and framed in a meaningful context