Monitoring Health

Mobile App | Product Concept

A health-tech startup developed a biosensor that tracks a wearer’s activity, balance, sleep and location. Designed to monitor the health of elderly users, the device can alert caregivers or healthcare providers to a suspected fall or other events that may require intervention.
We were engaged to help develop a prototype tablet app for caregivers and healthcare personnel to view the health of the device wearer and receive alerts.


The client had a limited budget and timeline to produce an app design and prototype that could be used to demonstrate the product’s capability to potential investors.

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Major Focus areas:


  • Create a prototype that effectively conveys the product concept and highlights several key features, with limited time and budget resources
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We worked quickly, based on some initial concepts provided to us by the client, to develop user scenarios and initial designs.


With frequent informal touchpoints, we worked iteratively with the client and our partner development team to refine and optimize the design. In parallel, we coordinated closely with the development team to ensure that the designs could be easily and quickly implemented.

Health Monitoring App closeup
Health Monitoring App closeup


We delivered an iPad-friendly interactive application (HTML/CSS/JS) and design assets that the client used afterwards to further develop the product. The client reported that the prototype was very well received and that people love the design and graceful transitions.


People love the design and graceful transitions

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Key deliverables:


  • iPad-friendly interactive app (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Design concepts that were used to further develop the product
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